A riddle of time you will never know
Anytime could be the day
To go away so far away
From the shore so mild
Into the stream leading to the unknown with its
waves lashing wild
Too fast to get a grip

Under sheep shaped cloud sail away
On the quest for the roots of time
You may never find or always will
For the one who's wishing dreams fulfill
But for other ones the time will come
No place to hide, nowhere to run
Neither the shortest way is the best to use
Nor the longest is the right to choose

Wind stay strong in my sails
To take my heart into the distance
Where dreams and faerytales
come true with every wish
Waves above, waves below
Waves they guide and waves they know
Everything, it's in their hands
Taking me to distant lands

Distant lights they seem so close
They seem so kind, attract all those
Who never have enough of what they have
The way is broad, success unsafe
Some will drop and then will fall
On stones so cold like all those faces on the walls
They'll fade away
Unfullfilled liberty

Close your eyes and think of me
As your travel never ends and you will never see
Your home elsewhere again than in your mind
replacement is just hard to find
Save a tear
For all those days that you've spent here
But be aware of waterfalls