Another sunny day - a saphire bold horizon turns to grey
Fear and silence cross my way
In the distance I can hear the rolling thunder hunting me
No more light for me to see
No more hand to help me free

Knockin' on my door - a reaper claims my life that I adore
Can't turn back time anymore
And in my darkest hour caught within a dead-white soulless tower
Assembling powers in my heart
Not for the end just for a start

Heal my wounds
Heal my wounds

Like in bleak autumn's mist - the enemy - unseen antagonist
All my sword-strokes they have missed
As fire fills my eyes my bloodstained desperations tranquillize
Melting agony like ice
Just like a devil in disguise

Blacksmith science forges the weapons for the battle in my blood
Cutting dikes decrease the flood
Friends of any kind and family are pillars of my mind
Driving forces from behind
No better army there to find

Heal my wounds
Heal my wounds
Heal my wounds
Heal my wounds

The final victory - a test of courage and of bravery
Not for ever - for today
In memory of the ones that joined my way I'll keep them in my heart
Pulled the shorter straw in strife
Lost the battle and the life

Heal my wounds
Heal my wounds
Heal my wounds
Heal my wounds